After Action Report

Roosevelt Lake

We officially started our 2021 season off at Roosevelt Lake Jan. 2nd with quite a few new members and would like to welcome all of you to Roostertales Bass Club.

Our 2020 AOY team are not backing down to make this easy on anyone so everyone better be on their A game for this season.

1st Place went to the team of Allen/Jolly with 16.82lb bag with second Big Fish that was a smallmouth that went 4.18lbs. $713.00for 1st and $161.00 for 2nd big fish.

2nd Place went to McAllister/Avalos with 15.16lbs. $506.00 for 2nd.

3rd Place went to Weir/Heisler with 12.24lbs and first Big Fish that went 4.26lbs $345.00 for 3rd and $460.00 for big fish.

4th Place went to Redding/Redding with 11.16lbs. $230.00 for 4th.

Congrats to our winners, great job!