Club Rules

    All U.S. Coast guard rules apply to each participant. Each boat shall be equipped and operated according to BIA standards, PFDs will be worn (zipped or buckled) and kill switches attached to PFDs any time the big motor is running. Working kill switches and live-wells are mandatory. Alcohol or drugs are not to be consumed and alcohol is not allowed in the boat until after the competitor has weighed in. Drugs are not allowed at any time. The penalty will be disqualification or termination from the club.
    Participants must be members in good standing of Roostertales Bass Club. Participants must carry boat insurance at all times. (Membership not required for Open Tournaments.)
    Participants that sign up the day of the meeting will get to draw for start positions (mail-in entries received before Monday evening meetings are included in the draw), registration at the lake will be first-come, first-served and proceed after drawn numbers. Entry fees can be paid at the lake before the start of the tournament. Failure to register and pay prior to fishing will result in disqualification. No new Team sign ups after the February (meeting date) will be allowed.
    There will be no pre-fish off-limits times. However, each team must be present prior to the start of the tournament for mandatory live-well checks.
    Fishing is not permitted within 50 yards of another contestant’s boat that was anchored or tied in that location without the permission of the anchored contestant. A contestant shall not move in on a boat that is working in an area, drop anchor and claim that area. No fishing where posted on the lake. All contestants must leave and return to the starting place by boat.
  6. BOAT CHECK       
    The tournament director or an officer of the club will inspect each boat prior to the start of each day’s competition. If you arrive late, you must seek out any club member on the water and have your live-well checked before you start fishing. You must get that person’s name.
    Blast-off will be done in a single file line. Life jackets zipped and buckled, kill switches will be attached to drivers’ PFDs when big motor is running.
  8. BAIT/POLES       
    There is no live bait allowed, and you are only allowed to use one pole at a time. No trolling allowed.
    There will be no underwater cameras/devices permitted during tournaments.
  10. SCORING   
    Tournament points will be base on total weight, less penalties. The winning team will receive 150 points. Each lower place will receive one less point in descending order. 2 points for big fish and 1 point for 2nd big fish. Teams that do not weigh fish, but participated in the tournament will be awarded 50 points.
    • Scoring is determined by pounds and hundredths of a pound.
    • For each dead fish, a penalty of .50 pounds (8 ounces) will be deducted from the total weight of all fish weighed by the participant for the day.
    • Only largemouth and smallmouth bass are permitted.
    • Minimum size limit is 12 inches – except for Colorado River Lakes (13 inches).
    • Five (5) bass will be weighed per paired team, per day of the tournament.
    • Measuring device at weigh-in will be the official federation weigh-master golden rule board.
    • Fish will be measured with the mouth closed and tail pinched.
    • Penalty for short fish will be two (2) pound deduction from the total tournament weight and loss of the short fish.
    • Penalty of one (1) pound per minute -up to 15 minutes- will be given to contestants arriving late for the weigh-in.
    • After fifteen (15) minutes, contestants will be disqualified for the day.
    • Ties will be broken by contestant’s declared big fish weight.
    • If more than a daily tournament limit of five (5) fish is weighed, the team will be penalized for all fish over the limit, down to one under the limit, starting with the biggest fish.
    • Culling fish must be done before checking in, and away from the check-in area.
    • Contestants must check in at the weigh-in at the end of the fishing day.
    • A team cannot claim more than 1 big fish award per tournament. The team’s big fish must be clearly marked when brought to a weigh-in.
  12. BREAKDOWNS    
    In case of breakdown, a contestant may enter the boat of another contestant for the sole purpose of transporting his daily catch to the weigh-in area. At that point in time, fishing is done for the contestant leaving his/her disabled boat.
    Interpretation of the rules will be left up to the Tournament Committee. The Tournament Committee will consist of the Tournament Director and the Board of Directors present at the tournament. Any violation of the Tournament rules will be ruled on and made final by the Tournament Committee. Protests will be made and or ruled upon prior to leaving the lake. All decisions made by the Tournament Committee will be deemed final.
    All tournaments will be team tournaments. The tournament year will consist of eleven (11) tournaments. There will be two (2) throw-outs towards the end of the year scoring. The Open tournament will count toward year-end scoring.

Rev. 1/2019, 3/2020 Edited for grammar, spelling, Rev. 12/22 Eliminated Guest Rule