After Action Report

Roosevelt Lake

We officially started our 2021 season off at Roosevelt Lake Jan. 2nd with quite a few new members and would like to welcome all of you to Roostertales Bass Club.

Our 2020 AOY team are not backing down to make this easy on anyone so everyone better be on their A game for this season.

1st Place went to the team of Allen/Jolly with 16.82lb bag with second Big Fish that was a smallmouth that went 4.18lbs. $713.00for 1st and $161.00 for 2nd big fish.

2nd Place went to McAllister/Avalos with 15.16lbs. $506.00 for 2nd.

3rd Place went to Weir/Heisler with 12.24lbs and first Big Fish that went 4.26lbs $345.00 for 3rd and $460.00 for big fish.

4th Place went to Redding/Redding with 11.16lbs. $230.00 for 4th.

Congrats to our winners, great job!

After Action Report

Christmas Party/Awards

Congratulations to Jeff Allen and David Jolly who are the Anglers of the Year for the 2020 season!
Runner up was Joe Jensen and Joe Chubbuck, Congratulations guys! Joe also won the Big Bass shoot out on Pleasant earlier in the morning, way to go Joe!

Finishing in third this year was the team of Steve Weir and Shane Heisler, Congratulations guys!

After Action Report


Saguaro Lake Nov. 14th 2020

1st Place with 3 fish for 7.69lbs went to the team of Henkel/McDowell

2nd Place with one fish for 6.92lbs and First Big Fish was the team of Lawlor/Mortensen

3rd Place with 3 fish for 6.31lbs and Second Big Fish for 4.53lbs went to the team of Allen/Jolly

This was the last Tournament for our 2020 season and the anglers of the year determined, Congratulations go out to the team of Allen/Jolly for their 2020 Roostertales AOY finish.

Second place went to the team of Jensen/Chubbuck

Third place went to the team of Weir/ Heisler

After Action Report

Bartlett Lake

We finally got a temperature break from the 100’s and had 16 teams fished for the second to last tournament of the 2020 season with every team catching a limit. Two teams are tied for 1st which will be decided at our last Tournament in November at Saguaro.

1st Place and 2nd Big Fish went to Allen/Jolly w/11.97lbs

2nd Place goes to Jensen/Chubbuck w/11.41lbs

3rd Place and 1st Big Fish goes to Padrnos/Padrnos w/10.47lbs

4th Place goes to Weir/Heisler w/9.45lbs

Congrats to our Winners!

After Action Report

Apache Lake

view of apache lake and the canyon it carved

Nice Day at Apache Lake with 13 teams competing for the third from last Tournament of our season.

1st Place went to Fisher/Smith with 13.69lbs and 2nd Big Fish of 3.57lbs

2nd Place went to Weisshaar/Krisher with 12.00lbs and Big Fish of 3.63lbs

3rd Place went to Redding/Redding with 11.87lbs

After Action Report

Lake Pleasant

The Teams kicked off at 4am to go fish, they got a little wet mid morning and avoided the lightning and made it into the scales at noon.

1st Place with 4 fish weighing in at 13.56 and 1st Big Fish of 6.76 was Weir/Heisler

2nd Place with 5 fish weighing in at 9.76 was the Team of Allen/Jolly.

3Place with 5 fish weighing in at 8.39 was the Team of Kubica/Kubica.

2nd Big Fish weighing in at 3.60 was the Team of Lawlor/Mortenson

After Action Report

Canyon Lake

Canyon Lake fished really tough Sat. night and if you caught “A” fish you were in the money.

1st Place went to Allen/Allen with a 2 fish bag weighing in at 4.49lbs and Big fish 2.40lbs.

2nd Place went to Allen/Jolly with a 1 fish bag weighing in at 2.20lbs and second Big fish.

3rd Place went to Redding/Redding with a 1 fish bag weighing in at 1.48lbs.

4th Place went to Jensen/Chubbuck with a 1 fish bag weighing in at 1.33lbs.

After Action Report

Bartlett OPEN

Saturday July 25, 2020

The Bartlett OPEN was a success as we had a 50 boat turnout this year, maybe we would have made 60 boats if the weather man would have taken the rain forecast out of the equation and the virus disappeared.

Congrats to Marc Weiting & Josh Hamlin on the 1st Place win and Big Fish honors to boot with 15.67lbs and B.F. 5.85lbs

2nd Place went to Dylan Steinke & Alex Palumbo with 15.11lbs and 2nd B.F. with 5.58lbs

3rd Place went to Brandon Koon & Conrad Demecs with 13.17lbs

Congrats to all the winners! We hope to see you all again next year and hope you enjoyed the tournament. 

After Action Report

Willow Springs

Saturday June 13th 2020

The 5th Tournament of the season was in the High country at Willow Springs Lake, we had 11 teams show up to fish.

1st place went to Jensen/Chubbuck with 3 fish for 5.68lbs and 1st Big fish 3.82 smb.

2nd place went to Smith/Fisher with 5 fish for 3.83lbs and 2nd Big fish at 1.49lbs.

3rd place went to Tucker/Swann with 5 fish for 2.87lbs.

4th place went to Janoe/DelLLano with 5 fish for 2.63lbs.

Congrats to the winners!

After Action Report

Roosevelt Lake

Saturday May 16, 2020

We had 17 boats for our 4th tournament of the season.

1st place went to Lawlor/Mortenson with 5 fish for 11.85 lbs

2nd place went to Huffman/Huffman with 5 fish for 10.36 lbs

3rd place went to Swann/Miller with 5 fish for 9.87 lbs

4th place went to Jensen/Chubbuck with 5 fish for 9.67 lbs and 1st Big fish of 3.97 lbs

2nd Big fish went to Redding/Redding with 3.41 lbs

Congrats to our Winners!