Fish Care

Our anglers are encouraged to be good humans and treat nature with the respect it deserves. Below you will find some useful videos regarding fish care for bass fishing – or different varieties of fish – and common solutions for situations anglers may experience.

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Fizzing Largemouth Bass

How and where to fizz largemouth bass

Barb Elliot, New York’s Bass Nation Conservation Director, explains how to gauge where you should fizz largemouth that were caught in deep, clear water. It is slightly different than where you look on a smallmouth, but she breaks it down completely.

Fizzing smallmouth bass the proper way

Barb Elliott, the B.A.S.S. Nation New York Conservation Director, explains in detail why, how and the proper ways to fizz a smallmouth bass to ensure it returns to a fishery in perfect order and is viable to feed, mate and live normally.

How to use the Flip Clip by Ott DeFoe

4 Tips for Keeping Bass Healthy in Livewells During Tournaments

Mark Menendez walks through 4 things he does with bass in his live wells to keep them healthy and alive when it comes time to weigh them at the end of a tournament fishing day. He also talks about water temperatures as it relates to different species of bass and how to combat the issues that can arise with that.

B.A.S.S. “Keeping Fish Alive”

KEEPING BASS ALIVE: A Guidebook For Tournament Anglers & Organizers Second Edition Copyright 2009 BASS®, Lake Buena Vista, Florida

Another Video for keeping fish alive in the summer heat.

AZ Game and Fish on Fish Care