Meetings and Dates

2022 Tournaments

Jan. 8th 2022 Roosevelt Lake

Feb. 19th 2022 Apache Lake

March 26th 2022 Lake Havasu

April 16th 2022 Roosevelt Lake (Cholla Ramp)

May 14th 2022 Roosevelt Lake

June 11th 2022 Bartlett Open (night)

July 16th 2022 16th Lake Pleasant (night)

Aug.13th 2022 Bartlett (night) pending permit

Sept. 10th 2022 Apache Lake

Oct. 8th 2022 Alamo Lake

Nov. 19th 2022 Lake Pleasant

Dec. 3rd 2022 Lake Pleasant Christmas Party/Awards

(Please Note : All tournaments are from safe light until 3:00p.m. unless noted)

Club Meetings

Meetings are held at 6:00 p.m. at Sportsman’s Warehouse at the US 60 & Greenfield, the Monday prior to each tournament.

Jan. 3rd 2022

Feb. 16th 2022

March 21st 2022

April 11th 2022

May 9th 2022

June 6th 2022

July 11th 2022

Aug. 8th 2022

Sept. 7th 2022

Oct. 3rd 2022

Nov. 14th 2022