After Action Report

Bartlett Lake – Open

Saturday June 11th 2016

The Roostertales Bass Club held its annual Open Tournament at Bartlett Lake this Saturday June 11. It was a great event. There were 49 boats. Fishing was very good; the raffle giveaways were even better. There were over 100 prizes given including multiple cash envelopes. 44 limits were weighed. Fish were caught in various ways- topwater, drop shot, shaky head, spinner bait, jerk bait, and crank bait. It was a typical Bartlett tournament. Many clone fish and multiple bags in the 7 and 8 pound range.

The team of Jim Sandy & Carlos Colon with 10.54 pounds won the Tournament. Second went to the team of Brandon Morton & Cody Peters with 10.44 pounds, and third was Dan Nicholson & Justin Morton with 10.34 pounds.

Big fish was 3.33 pounds (team of Jim Sandy & Carlos Colon), and second big fish was 3.31 pounds (team of Brandon Morton & Cody Peters).

Roostertales is having their next Club meeting at 7 pm at Bass Pro on Monday 7/11 in the second floor meeting room. Come join us if you want to check out our Club and fish with us.

Our next tournament is tentatively scheduled for Willow Springs on Saturday 7/16. This is subject to change after we determine the condition of the bass fishery after recent Game & Fish removal of bass, and recent tourney results from White Mountain Bass (Johnny Johnson).

After Action Report

Bartlett Lake (Open)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Roostertales Bass Club held their Annual Open Tourney on Saturday night- 6/29- from 6 pm to 2 am. Forty-six boats participated. The tournament organization and launch was well done- despite a number of misguided ski boats and water fleas taking out when we were putting in. We won’t complain about the bikinis wandering around. It was hot, hot, hot and it seemed to be warmest after the sun went down and the heat settled on the lake. The fishing was good- but a typical Bartlett event where checks were separated by 0.10 pounds, although the first and second spots dominated. Lawrence and Schattenberg took first with a bag of 10.68# anchored by the big fish of 3.67#. They won $2000 total. You can see the rest of the results below. Fish were caught on a variety of presentations- but mostly dropshot and jigs with others reporting a topwater bite and crankbait fish.

The tournament returned 80% of the money to the top 9 places, and 100% for the two biggest fish. About $1500 in raffle prizes and money was given out with a number of personal contributions from club members to the prizes including a $500 club donation.

If you have interest in joining the Roostertales Bass club, join us at our next meeting at BassPro at 7 pm on July 8. Our next tourney is at Willow Springs on July 13.

After Action Report

Bartlett Lake

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Roostertales held their annual open bass tournament on Saturday night June 9, at Bartlett Lake. The tourney was held from 6 pm to 2 am. Conditions were pleasant with a light breeze. The lake was low at about 60%, but it was very fishable. Fish were caught shallow to deep. Sixteen teams competed; 15 teams came to the scales with limits. Bags ranged from 4.79 pounds to the winning bag of 11.28 pounds. Big fish was 3.49 pounds, followed by 3.41 pounds. Many 12- and 13-inch fish were caught. Fish were caught by various techniques with plastics dominating and including jigs, texas rig, shaky head, drop shot, and flick shake. Fish were also caught with reaction baits including crankbaits and jerkbaits- but these seemed to produce smaller fish. Shallower fish seemed to be feeding on shad; deeper fish on crawdads and shad. The Club’s next tournament will be held at Willow Springs Lake on the Rim on Saturday July 14. This has been an annual tradition for our club to escape the heat and do this trip. If you are interested in joining the club, call any club office or member, or join us at our meetings at BassPro Shop at 7 pm on the Monday preceding the tournament.

After Action Report

Memorial Open Bartlett Lake

Monday, June 13, 2011

I would like to thank everyone that came out to the open. We had 21 boats and the fishing was very close. Everyone caught lots of fish but, most of the fish were less than 10 inches. If you had some 2 lb fish you where doing good. On behalf of the Roostertales Bass Club, I would like to thank everyone that came out to fish our open.

Thank you all!

1st – John Dille and Tom Hunt – 10.90 lbs – $815.00
2nd – Jeff Alan and Rickey Minor – 10.78 – $605.00
3rd – Jim Davis Sr. and Jim Davis Jr. – 10.77 – $460.00
4th – Milt Sommerfield and Ed Ricci – 9.94 – $220.00
5th – James Tucker and Steve Miller – 9.90
6th – Charles Bothun and Ron Smith – 9.79
7th – Phil Brewer and Wade Wheat – 9.64
8th – Kelly Brooks and John Williams – 9.62
9th – Chad Huddle and John Daniels – 9.42
10th – Mitch Ross and Joe Meyers – 9.28
11th – Terry Schilling and Jerrell Thomas – 9.14
12th – Jay Redding and Michelle Griffith – 9.12
13th – Marty Halsey and Athena Hammond – 8.87
14th – Steve Weir and Gary Redding – 7.65
15th – Kerry Budinger and Keith Marshall – 7.51
16th – Jason Blauvelt – 7.41
17th – Bob Preble and Brett Jokela – 7.14
18th – Mark Dornbusch and Chase White – 7.14
19th – Joey Swann and Rusty Swann – 6.55
20th – Dustin Howell and Darrell Howell – 4.55
21st – Jimmy Savoini and Tim Jacobs – 7.04

1st Big Fish Jay Redding and Michelle Griffith – 4.04 – $324.00
2nd Big Fish Terry Schilling and Jerrell Thomas – 3.65 – $216.00